I first met Ashley during a race in Kansas. Ashley and I battled for that 1st place win and became friends immediately after. When I met her fiance' Thomas I knew with in a few minuets they were going to be together forever. Over the last couple of years watching them I hoped to be their wedding photographer so I could capture their adoration for each other and their love how they deserved for it to be done. They are two peas in a pod. They have me usually crying from laughter every time we are all together. They are each others best friends and the definition of soul mates. They have so much passion for life and their relationship. After a long wedding day most couples sleep in the next day. Not these two. They were up at 5 AM the next morning loading up the bikes to make it to their race in another town in Kansas! The owners of the track from that day made them their own special wedding trophy. It was TOO cute! How blessed I was to be able to spend the day with them and their friends and family at the most beautiful venue. I can't wait to see where life takes them. Them and their dirt bikes ;) xoxo 

Ashley and Thomas

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